Most of us, at one time or another, have been bitten by a dog, chased by a dog, or have had a dog challenge and scare us.  No matter what the case, it was never a great experience.  These events often lead us to be afraid of the dog that scared us, or in some cases, scared of all dogs.

Dogs are great creatures.  In my opinion, they have been put on this earth to make our lives a little better.  Life can often be so cruel and unfair.  Coming home at night to a big lick, complete attention, and unquestioning love can be a wonderful solution to a really bad day.

When we are afraid of dogs, we can never experience the unquestioning and nonjudgmental affection our dogs provide.  But how can we not be afraid of dogs when there are times where they may be aggressive towards us?

The answer lies in our understanding of how dogs think and what we need to do when inappropriate confrontations occur.  When a seventy pound, four legged, adrenalized, strange dog is approaching us, we naturally react in fear, or aggression.  We are basing our actions on assumptions and not understanding.

We see a strange dog running at us and always think the worse.  We assume that the dog is going to bite us.  We take steps that we believe will protect ourselves when, in reality, they are making matters worse.  In situations such as this, we often confirm that we will be bitten instead of deescalating and redirecting.

Robin and I have an excellent article that explains what you have to do. Please take a moment to read our dog training article titled “How Do I Avoid Being Bitten by a Dog”.

How to avoid dog bites