We all love to walk our dogs and find it really enjoyable to share a warm summer afternoon with our dog in our neighborhood.  This assumes that our dog isn’t going nuts, pulling us down the street, and barking at everything that moves.  This does not make a wonderful experience and makes most of our neighbors hate it when they see us coming down the street with our dog.

We try to correct our dog while we are walking, but they don’t pay attention and seem to pull and bark even more.  We get mad at our dog and become embarrassed because all our neighbors are now giving us “the stare”.  All we can do is to turn around and head home as quickly as possible.

Well, that was a big waste of time.  Even worse, our dog is now all charged up and running around our house still driving us nuts and knocking things to the ground.  Nothing we do seems to work, and it all started when we began to get ready for the walk.

The answer to this problem does not lay in correction while on the walk, but way before that.  We need to understand how to take control of the situation before we even open the door to go outside.  It must come from proper focus and command direction.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that provides information that has helped many of our clients suffering this dilemma. Please take a moment to read our dog training article titled “How Can I Keep My Dog from Going Nuts Before the Walk Even Starts”.

Start your dog walk off correctly if you want to have an enjoyable experience walking your dog