We go to our clients’ homes to train them and their dogs. Many times we run into the issue that not everyone in the house wants to participate in training the dog. Sometimes, family members are adamant in not wanting to correct or direct the family dog in any way. All they want to do “is to have fun”. The rest of the family is often worried that this will undermine the training process.

Although this is not the best solution to have a harmonious human-canine family, we can easily work with this sort of family dynamic. The secret is to set up clear roles and expectations that each family member can communicate to their dog and to make sure that all family members adhere to these defined social dynamics. This will allow some family members to just play and go nuts with their dog and others to have the family dog well behaved and obedient for all.

We have a great article that helps explain all of this. Please take a look and have a great dog and harmonious family experience.

family dog training