Many of us love to ride our bicycles around the neighborhood.  A lot of us have been riding bikes since we were little kids.  In those days, having a bicycle and riding it to our friend’s house or to the corner store for some candy was our first experience of freedom and individual interaction.  Wow, that was great!

The problem many of us experienced when we were kids and we still experience today is that big dog on the porch around the corner that always runs after us when we pass by.  We try to peddle faster, but that doesn’t work.  We yell at the dog, but that seems to make the dog just want to run after us even more.  He chases us and tries to nip at our heels.  Sometimes we get away and sometimes we don’t.  Whatever the case, it is never fun and a problem that we just can’t fix.

Robin and I are happy to tell you that there is an easy fix to the problem of dogs chasing you on your bike.  We have come up with a great dog training routine that will allow you to pass by dogs in peace.  If, for some reason, the dog still wants to chase you, we have a great solution to letting him know that he should not.  Please check out our dog training article on Having a Great Bike Ride with Dogs in the Neighborhood.  You will be glad you did and amazed at the very simple methods we instruct you to employ. And, have a great bike ride!

Have a great bike ride with the neighborhood dogs all around