Halloween is currently the most popular holiday in America.  On Halloween and even days before October 31st, there are parties, costumes, food, and all other “Halloween things” going on.

We can understand these special and unique activities and love to be a part of these “fun and scary things”.  The problem is that we can comprehend that they are special, make-believe, and unique to a particular day.  Our dogs do not understand.

The loud noises, strange costumes, unusual foods, etc. are the exact things that will scare our dogs and even put them in danger.  They may lash out at “a ghost”, run out of the yard because the are frightened by a noise or light, eat unattended chocolates or other foods that are poisonous to them.

We need to understand how we can have a great Halloween for our entire family.  That includes our dogs too.  Robin and I have a great dog training and canine safety article titled “How Can I Keep My Dog Safe on Halloween” that will make America’s favorite holiday great for all.

Keep Halloween safe and happy for both you and your doggie