Halloween costume parties can be a lot of fun for humans.  We understand what is going on and, normally, we actually picked out our costume.  We know what is happening and we are comfortable and excited about wearing our costume and showing it to all our friends.  We know our friends will be wearing costumes too.

Since we love Halloween Costume Parties and we love our dogs, it is just logical that we should have a Halloween Costume Party for our dogs.  This is not always the case.  Normally, our dogs never get the memo about the costumes, the loud and scary place, and all those strange other animals that look really weird that will be right up and in their faces.

Again, we forgot to put ourselves in our dogs’ paws.  This is normally a bad thing and can lead to some very scary and unsafe situations.  We need to prepare our dog for the event. Robin and I have a great dog training article titled “How Should I Prepare for a Halloween Costume Party with my Dog” that will get both you and your dog ready to have a great time.

Properly prepare your dog for a Halloween Costume Party