One of the biggest mistakes we make as dog owners is to give our dogs too much affection.  We, as humans, think that the more “hugs and kisses” the better.  We love getting attention and accolades from our family, friends, coworkers, and bosses.  We love being the center of attention.  We also understand that this attention is normally based on specific actions or situations that may not carry over into the rest of our lives.

Dogs have a different perspective of attention and affection.  They love the affection and attention just as we do; but there are some additional perceptions they place on those activities.  Too much affection can cause bad behavior in our dogs.  It can sometimes lead to dangerous situations such as aggression and misplaced dominance.

Robin and I have a great dog training article titled “Is it Possible to Give Your Dog Too Much Affection” that explains what is really happening between you and your dog when you give affection.  We also supply you with some suggestions that allow you to give affection and maintain the proper relationship with your dog.  Please check out our article today.

Giving your dog affection is great if you do not over do it. Too much affection can lead to bad behaviors with your dog