We always want to keep our dog healthy and safe.  Many times that requires giving him medicine to help overcome an illness, rash, or soar.  When the medicine is a pill or internally taken liquid, it is often pretty easy to hide that in something fun and tasty like a pill pocket or in our dog’s water.

The problem often arises when the medicine we need to provide is an eye drop or ear drop.  That means that we need to take a “somewhat pointy object”, get it really close to a sensitive part of our dog, have him hold very steady for a bit of time, and successfully administer it.  “Easy peasy” is not the first phrase that comes to mind when I hear the actions I need to perform.

The natural problem arises from our anxious anticipation of the bad things that might happen as we try to give our dog his medicine.  We might stick him with the dropper, we may struggle and hurt him, he may run away, etc.  Our dog picks up on all these feelings in our “invisible body language” expressed in our lack of confidence.  He becomes nervous and that is where all the problem come to life.

I have experienced this exact scenario many times.  Luckily, I “stumbled” across a great solution that allows me to easily administer eye or ear drops to a large dog.  It is based on their natural instincts and allows me to be confident and completely in charge of the situation at all times.  We have written a great article going over all of this in “How Can I Give My Big Dog Eye Drops When He is Always Struggling”.  Please check it out.

You need to be in charge and calm when administering eye or ear drops to your dog