Getting gifts is always fun and Christmas gifts are always better.  You and the family are sitting around the Christmas tree, ripping wrapping off as quickly as possible to see “what you got”.  Sometimes you get good stuff like toys, electronics, phones, etc. and sometimes you get bad stuff like socks or self-help CD’s.  The good thing about the socks and the CD’s is that you can often return them for more good stuff.

So, what happens when there is a puppy under the tree?  What happens then?  First of all, who doesn’t love puppies?  Your first inclination is that your “surprise” Christmas Puppy falls into the “good stuff” category.  You are going to play with him, show him to all your friends, have him on the sofa while you watch TV, etc.  He is the perfect friend who will do everything you want and will always be happy. Many times, this is the case.  Everything is great.

The problem is that a puppy is not a toy, piece of electronics, or a new phone.  There is no “off switch” on a puppy and you just can’t put them away on the top shelf of the hall closet.  A puppy is 24/7 for ten to fifteen years.  Although wonderful, cuddly, and lovable, they do have their challenges.  These challenges include potty training, teething, bad behavior, the need for socialization, and more.

Many new puppy owners are either prepared for these challenges or are ready to step up and deal with them.  Unfortunately, other new puppy owners may have been “blind-sided” with the newfound knowledge of these issues.  It isn’t that they are bad people.  They might not have the time to deal with the issues, can’t physically deal with the issues, or just don’t have the appropriate temperament to deal with the issues.

When a new puppy owner can’t deal with a new puppy, bad things always happen.  They may inappropriately deal with the puppy that scares or even hurts the puppy.  They may give the puppy to a shelter that will further traumatize him.

Robin and I love it when people get new puppies, but we also want to make sure that it is the best course of action for both the puppy and new puppy owner. We have a great puppy training blog that helps you decide the best solution for you. Please take a look at our puppy training blog titled “Is it a Good Idea to Give a Puppy as a Christmas Gift”.

What is needed before giving a puppy as a gift