One of the biggest problems that many of our dog training clients experience is when they want to get their dog into the crate.  They may want their dog in the crate because they are leaving the house, there are repair people coming to work on the kitchen sink, there are potty issues they are working on, or a host of other reasons.

Their problem arises the moment they start to direct their dog towards the crate.  Sometimes the simple action of “getting ready” to direct their dog towards the crate can turn that calm dog lying by the window into a crazy and adrenalized animal.  As soon as that happens, all hope of easily getting their dog into the crate vanishes.

The problem is not the crate or the dog.  The problem is that they have not properly allowed their dog to understand that the crate is their den.  Many times their adrenalized actions of trying to get their dog into the crate communicate completely wrong messages to their dog.  We have a great dog training article that explains all of this and gives a step-by-step method of making the crate a happy place for their dog and a natural place they will go on command.  Please check out our article titled “How Do I Get My Dog into His Crate”.

Get your dog into his crate