As dog owners, the first thing that we need to understand is that our dog was not “born crazy”.  In fact, if we watch him closely, there are many times where he is not crazy at all.  Then again, it seems like there are invisible, secret (to us) things that happen that make him crazy when we ask him to do things.

In reality, most of us like our dogs to be crazy at times.  When we are outside in the back yard throwing the ball, it is a lot more fun to see him run, jump, bark, and be happy.  That helps to build a bond between us that is really one of the main reasons we love having dogs.

We just don’t like it when they don’t pay attention when we really, really need them to do something.  It is even worse when they get crazy and nuts the more we “ask them” to do “that thing”.  As in Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”.

Well, communication is one thing, but respect and leadership play a very large role in this problem.  These things just aren’t “fixed overnight”. They take time and need to be earned by establishing consistency and repetitive processes.

Robin and I have a great article that explains one of the methods we used to transform our crazy Belgian Shepherd into a wonderful, respectful, and still “really fun” dog. Please read our dog training article titled “How Do I Get My Crazy Dog’s Attention”.

Get your crazy dog's attention