Many dogs “have a thing” about protecting their food when they are eating. Although this is not a trait shown with all our dogs, some dogs experience this. This aggressive stance does not mean that we have a bad dog.

Dogs can naturally have a possessive feeling when eating. This comes out of the time they were wolves and were protecting their nourishment from other animals who wanted to take it away. Dogs that are rescue dogs or were the “runt of the litter” often display this tenancy more than others.

We (humans) often try to deal with this issue by punishing our dogs when they are eating and show this tendency. This will normally just make our dog more protective and show heightened, aggressive actions while eating. We also do not take into consideration the natural surroundings at meal time and how that may increase our dog’s concern over their safety and ownership of their food.

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Food Aggression at meal time can be easily corrected