Robin and I have been training dogs and “dog families” for a pretty long time.  There are many specific training tips and methods that we have perfected over the years that have made our clients successful dog owners.

Like most great things, “great dog training tips” are based on common sense and overall simplicity.  Successful teaching is multi-faceted, requiring several pieces to come together in order to succeed.

Think back to your school days for just a minute.  What were the things that it took you to learn something well and to have the information meaningful?  Was it a great teacher?  Was it a calm and focused environment?  Was it the books or computers that helped you to learn? Was it your friends that would be your “study buddies”?

Your answer probably includes several of the items I have mentioned above.  The same is true when it comes to some great, general training tips for a well-behaved dog.  Robin and I have shared these simple tips with you in our article titled “What Are Some General Dog Training Tips for A Well Behaved Dog”.

It is important the you are the respected leader and have your dog's focus