Thanksgiving is a great time of family coming together and enjoying all the great foods of the season.  Unfortunately, many of these foods that we love can be harmful or even deadly to your dog.

You not only need to make sure that you and your family members understand what foods can be dangerous to your dog, you need to “doggie-poison proof” your holiday venue.  Being proactive and having food that your dog does like and is healthy for him is a great step in avoiding the bad “human” food that could be very harmful.

Robin and I have a great dog training and safety article that will explain everything you need to do to keep your dog safe this Thanksgiving Holiday.  You will also be quite surprised at the foods you probably would give your dog if you hadn’t read our article.  Please check out our article titled “What Are Some Food Safety Tips for My Dog at Thanksgiving” and keep your dog happy and healthy this holiday season.

Be prepared top keep your dog safe this Thanksgiving Holiday by understanding what foods are poisonous to him