We always watch those old “scary movies” and the scariest parts always seem to be when there are big thunderstorms with bright flashes of lightening and horribly loud clashes of thunder.  We know that they aren’t going to hurt us and that it is “only a movie”, but we still get scared and some of us (not me) will scream.

So, with all this said, why wouldn’t you think your dog could have a problem when a thunderstorm rolls in over your house?  Your dog is far more sensitive to the change in pressure caused by a thunderstorm.  His hearing is many times more sensitive than ours.  When the thunder clashes, it can be absolutely deafening for him.  The bright flashes of lightening can easily disorient your dog.  For your dog, it is like the scary movie times one hundred.

It is your job to keep your dog safe and secure.  Because of this, you need to let your dog know that he will remain safe during the thunderstorm.  It can all be accomplished by your direction and strong assurances of safety that your dog can easily and quickly understand.  We have a great dog training article that explains all of this titled “How Can I Help with My Dog’s Fear of Thunderstorms”.  Please take a look at it and help your dog feel safe and calm the next time the skies start to get dark and ominous.

Keep your dog safe during a thunderstorm