Robin and I have heard “the crazy dog story” far more times that we could ever count.  Many families try to do the right thing by researching dog temperaments or recalling the dogs they had when they were kids.  Many times, people pick dogs because their neighbor had a dog they really love.  The dog comes over to play when the neighbors are out front.  He seems loving and very well behaved.

Bingo! They run off and find what they believe is a dog just like their neighbor’s.  If their neighbor got their dog from a breeder, they often go to the same breeder.  They even try to get a dog from the same parents and even from the same position in the litter.  They believe that this will be great and they will have a carbon copy of their neighbor’s dog.

What happens when their “copycat” doggie is nuts and “completely over the top” when they thought they were getting a twin of their neighbor’s dog?  Why is their dog nuts and their neighbor’s dog calm?

Remember all those nutritional or (even self-help books” that were titled “You Are What You Eat”?  Well, the same can be true of your family.  Robin and I tell our clients that family dynamics play a vital role in the creation of a social environment.  That environment is critical in a dog’s understanding of “what he should do”.  Robin and I have a great article (from the perspective of the calm dog’s owner) that explains all of this. Please read our blog article titled “Why is My Dog Calm and My Neighbor’s Dog Crazy”.

Family Dynamics