Many of us have crazy families and, for many of us, that is the way we want it to be.  We now decide to get a dog and we want him to be well behaved and always obey and respect us.  So, we get a professional trainer and they work with us to help make our dog great.

This all sounds really wonderful until the real world begins to take hold.  All that dog training of respecting us and not doing bad things like jumping and running and stealing, etc. that our dog seemed to understand during the training and for several days after all seemed to disappear.  What happened?   Is there an expiration date on our dog being good?

The answer is “No”.  Your dog is simply doing what you are now telling him to do.  He is acting in the same manner that all the other members of the family are acting.  They are crazy and animated.  Guess what; he will be crazy and animated.

You need to determine how you want your dog to behave in relation to your family.  This is a two-way street and required work on both sides.  Robin and I have a great article that explains all of this and tells you what to do.  Please read our dog training article titled “Will My Crazy Family Affect My Dog’s Behavior”.

The way your family acts at home will impact your dog's training