It always seems that through the decades we always hear that we just don’t have the time like we had in the past.  We heard our parents say it, we say it, and our children will probably be saying it too.  The truth is that we have always had twenty-four hours to spend every day.  Our problem is that we sometimes are not spending those hours in the correct manner.

When our days start to fill up and we “think” that our time is not our own, after the unmade bed, our pets are often the next casualty of “not enough time”.  We used to take them on long walks in the evening after work, took them for car rides, and spent complete afternoons with them playing in the park on the weekends.  With new project deadlines and our kids’ soccer practice, those activities start to fall by the wayside.

Our dogs still need exercise and bonding in order to understand their role in our family and just stay healthy. It is important that we still provide them with this time even though we don’t think we have it.

A little understanding of the best “quality dog times” as well as focused time management for the family can still give you and your dog the time you need as well as get everything else done in your busy world.  Please take a look at our article on “Make Sure Your Dog has Enough Exercise” to learn how to exercise with your dog and still meet all your family and work obligations.

Make sure your dog has enough exercise