After a long, hard day, it is always a wonderful experience to sit down to a great, calm, happy meal at the dinner table.  Then, suddenly, we are attacked by our dog wanting our attention and anything we may have on the plate.  It seems that the more we try and quell the situation, the more it escalates.  We finally give in and give our dog some of our dinner or lock him in the back room to hear him bark and scratch at the door.

Well, I am not sure that is the way you are wishing to spend the end of a long work day.  (I don’t think so!) The problem is that we are often sending our dog the wrong signals that could actually be creating the situation and our follow-up actions aren’t helping.  Robin and I have a great article that will allow you to have a great dinner and a really great dog.  Please check out our article on “How Do I Stop My Dog from Begging at the Dinner Table” today and have a great dinner this evening.

Stop your dog from begging at the table