Just as it often happens with our kids, our friends and neighbors are always willing and ready to offer advice regarding how strict or lenient we should be with our dog.  They may see us holding the leash too close when we are walking and will tell us that is hurting our dog.  They may complain because we don’t mind it if our dog runs up and down the fence when the mailman comes by.

It is always good behavior and proper to respect the opinions of others, but we still need to remember that it is our dog, our family, and our home.  We are the ones that need to build the loving bond and lifelong relationship between ourselves and our dog.

So, how strict should be with our dog?  It is important that our dog respects us and understands that we are the authority figure in the relationship.  We also don’t want them to cower and run every time they see us.  That balance is unique within every relationship.  Robin and I have some great tips and thoughts on this subject.  Please read our dog training blog article on “How Strict Should You Be with Your Dog” to receive a great insight into this important subject.

How strict should you be with your dog