We have received many calls from dog owners over the years that are requesting dog training because their dogs are always hyper-active and wanting to play like “Cowboys and Indians”.  Although these dogs often would benefit from some professional dog training assistance, their hyper-activity does not necessarily indicate that they are being bad and are incorrigible.

I always like to use the example of an “old-fashioned school” where the teacher has let the students out for recess.  The kids are running around the school yard, swinging on the swings, playing kick ball, and just letting off their “natural steam”.  This is a great time for the teacher because it allows her to have a small break.  More importantly, it “reboots the children” to be better students and more effectively learn their lessons when they return.

The reason that they will be better learners is because they have drained their adrenaline and are now ready to focus.  This is the exact same position we try and put our clients in when they are working with their dogs.  Focus is key and a calm student is the requirement.

In today’s world, many dog owners do not have a lot of time to play with their dogs and drain their adrenaline.  It isn’t that they are bad dog owners; the requirements of life are blocking them from having the needed time.

Robin and I have a great suggestion for all these dog owners who want to have great dogs but have very hectic and demanding schedules.  We have written a great article that supplies you with a simple answer to have a great, calm, and focused dog.  Please take a look at our dog training article titled “What Do I Do with a Crazy Dog and a Long Work Day”.

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