I can’t tell you how many times I return to a client and I see them trying to have their dog perform obedience exercises without a leash or collar. They will say the command over and over again and chase them around the room, trying to get their attention.

Sometimes, and I emphasize “sometimes”, the dog eventually will do what my client has been asking them to do for the last five minutes. The thing that makes me laugh (inside) is that the client is so excited and proud that their dog was so good and obeyed their command.

In a word, “no”. Their dog did not obey them. They simply got bored with what they were doing and decided to play with their owner.

The owner needs to have a way to calmly and passively get their dog’s attention in order to instruct them. That is where the collar or harness attached to the leash comes into play.

Now, it is important to understand what is the best tool, based on your dog. Obviously, you will use a leash, but what about a collar or harness? Picking the wrong one could actually put your dog’s safety and health at risk. Please take a look at our dog training article on Dog Collars and Harnesses to learn what is the best dog training equipment for your dog.

Use a Dog Collar and Leash when Training Your dog