So many dog owners make the mistake of thinking that all they need to do to walk their dog is to put a leash on and say, “Let’s go”.  They don’t understand that their dog sees them as their care giver, protector, provider, and best friend.  When a dog owner takes their dog out on a walk, their dog is surrendering their safety to their owner and are trusting that their owner will keep them safe and never put them at risk while out of the house.

This all seems pretty simple, but is it?  The easy way to tell if you have made mistakes is by observing your dog’s personality.  If your dog isn’t listening and focusing on you and (especially) going crazy; you have made mistakes.  You have not effectively prepared for the walk.  In essence, you have not done the “pre-flight check-off list” before taking off.

Robin and I have observed all the wrong things that dog owners have done over the years as they are walking their dogs.  We have taken those observations and combined them into a great dog training article that we would like to share with you. Please take a moment and read our great dog training article titled “What Are the Mistakes I am Making when Walking My Dog”.  Read it and you will start having great walks with your dog.

Walking your dog is more than just clicking on a leash and saying "Let's go"