When we get two dogs, normally puppies, we start to train them together.  That seems pretty logical and is a lot less time consuming than working with each one separately.  This works out pretty well for most things like inside behavior, simple commands, and potty training.

The issue that many of us face comes when we want to train our dogs to walk outside with us, together.  All their “wonderful behavior” seems to immediately evaporate. One dog shoots off in one direction while the other is barking at the neighbor sitting on their porch.  We try to correct them but as soon as we think we get one under control the other is going crazy again.

What we quickly learn is that the more we try to “teach them” together on the walk, the more it is turning into an absolute disaster.  Everything we thought we were doing correctly just wasn’t working.

The “secret” that Robin and I know is that you have forgotten the most important fact in successful training.  Without that fact, you have no ability to logically create an action plan for success.  We have a great article that reminds you of this simple solution and gives you the steps needed to have a great walk with both of your dogs. Please check out our article titled “How Can I Walk Two Crazy Dogs

Walk two dogs at the same time