Treats are great.  We all love treats.  Even when we hear the word “treat”, that congers up ideas of tasty, wonderful things that we get on special occasions.  If they happened all the time, they wouldn’t be “treats”, but just “that goodie I get all the time”.

We also understand that “treats” are not the same as dinner or even a snack.  We normally assume that treats are not part of our “healthy diet”.  The candy store is where you get your treats and the restaurant is where you get your dinner.

When we were young, we understood that our parents might give us treats from time to time.  If we tried to demand a treat, we understood that we probably would not get anything.  Demanding a treat didn’t work.

We can now take this same type of thought process and use it with our dogs.  There are so many “theories and practices” when it comes to dogs and treats that it could take many articles to discuss everything.  As with almost all dog-related subjects, Robin and I like to keep it simple.  Remember, we are discussing our dogs.  I wouldn’t call dog’s simple, but I would say that they see the world simply.

Robin and I have written a great and simple dog training article titled “Should I Give My Dog Treats? If So, What Kind of Dog Treats?”.  In it, we discuss what types of treats are best, quantity of treats, and times to give treats.  Once you read it, you will see how simple it all can be.

Some great tips for dog treats