If you haven’t already read our previous blog, we sincerely hope you will read that before you check out the great information we are presenting now.

In our prior article, we discussed how to prepare your dog for the trip and the proper steps needed to transport him to the Vet Hospital.  We also discussed how you could keep your dog safe and secure while in the waiting room before the Vet or Vet Tech took you to the Examination Room.

Now we want to discuss the Examination Room.  The problem here is that dog owners either “let their guard down” when going into the Examination Room or they become “nervous nellies” with their dog.  Both of these emotions by the dog owner can greatly heighten the dog’s tension and sometimes lead to fearful aggressive acts.

The Examination Room is normally pretty small and cramped.  There is not a lot of room for mistakes and overlooked warning signs.  The good news is that there are some simple steps to keep the Examination Room experience productive and safe for your dog, the Vet, the Vet Tech, and your dog. Our current article discusses all this and follows up on our previous Hospital Safety discussion. Please read our dog safety and training article titled “How Can I Be Sure My Dog Will Be Safe at the Vet Hospital (Part 2)”.

Keep your dog safe at the Vet Hospital