We love our dogs and always want the absolute best for them.  Many times, our family members will complain that we love our dogs more than them.  And, I will have to say, that is usually the case more than most people would like to believe.

Where we will miss doctor appointments because of the lamest excuse, we often take time off of work to make sure our dog gets his annual shots.  We get them to the groomers when we look at ourselves and think “I’ll get a haircut next week.” We research every ingredient in our dog’s food to make sure they are eating the best stuff possible and we grab a three-month-old pop tart on the way out the door and call that “breakfast”.

Bottom line is that we try and to the best for our dogs.  So what do we do when they don’t eat the dog food that is going to keep them living a healthy, happy, and long life?

The one thing we can’t do is to fall into the trap that, as kids, we always tried to play with our parents.  We can’t feed them the equivalent of a Happy Meal or big bowl of ice cream just because they will eat that and not the healthy dinner.  We can’t give into our dogs by feeding them appetizing  but nutrition-less food.

Please let me be clear.  I am not saying that all healthy food doesn’t taste good.  Just like us, some dogs like certain foods, flavors, and tastes over others.  I don’t like Lima beans and some people (I have no idea why) like Lima beans.  The answer is to do something that will make me eat the lima beans.

The answer lies by doing something akin to what our mothers did with us when we were kids and picky eaters.  Robin and I have just modified the details so that it will work with your dogs.  Please take a look at our dog training blog titled “What Can I Do If My Dog Doesn’t Eat His Food”.

Tricks to have your dog eat their dog food