Many people hear the term “dog muzzle” and start to get all agitated about being mean and trying to scare and hurt your dog.  In reality, this is not the case.

Our dogs want to be safe, secure, healthy, and part of a group.  It is our job to provide these things to our dogs in a way that is easy for them to understand and quickly learn.  We must keep them healthy, safe, and secure.

If our dogs are nipping or biting, it is our duty to create an environment that will allow them to stop these actions.  Our methods can not be hurtful, scary, or confusing.

The Baskerville Muzzle is a tool that we can easily use with our dogs.  It does not hurt or scare them.  It does not put their health at risk.  All it does is to calmly direct them to the right decision.  That is what a good teacher always tries to accomplish.  To learn more about this topic, please read our dog training blog titled “Isn’t It Mean to Put a Muzzle on My Dog or Any Dog?”

The Baskerville Muzzle is a great training tool for you and your dog