Some of our dogs seem to naturally scarf their food down as soon as we put the bowl in front of them.  Our German Shepherd does this because she was originally abandoned in the Florida Everglades and she had to “eat it or loose it” in order to stay alive.  Whatever the case, eating too quickly can be very detrimental for our dogs.

This can cause stomach problems, “bathroom problems”, and even behavior problems such as food aggression and protective boundary issues.  We, as dog owners, are normally at a loss of how to correct the problem.  We simply can’t say “slow down”.  I know that we all don’t want to admit thatwe have done that with no results.

We must find a way that naturally slows our dog from eating so quickly while remaining unengaged and calm.  That sounds like a pretty tall order.  Luckily, Robin and I have some solutions that work wonderfully.  They have worked for our clients for years and have worked for our German Shepherd.  Please take a moment and read our dog training article titled ”What Can I Do When My Dog Eats His Food Too Quickly?”.   It will solve your dog’s eating issue immediately.

Slow your dog's eating