One of the most important things anyone of us can have is confidence.  The sense that you are in charge, you know what you are doing, and that things will come out the right way are portrayed and silently communicated to everyone around you when you feel confident.  You always want to follow the person who seems confident to you.  This is because you feel safe and sure of what is going to happen.

Confidence is now about what we say as much as how we feel.  This translates into our naturally generated body language.  Since dogs mainly communicate through body language, this is a major factor in our communication with them. 

We are not resolute and consistent, sure, calm, and confident in our communication with our dogs, they are not going to listen or trust us.  We can not teach them when we are in such a relationship.  The good news in creating a confident environment is to give off a feeling of “I know what I am doing”.  The bad news in all of this is “Do you?”.

After fourteen years of training all sorts of problem dogs,Robin and I have reached this level of confidence in working with dogs.  We would like to drastically shorten that time for you.  You can find our secrets in our dog training article titled “Does my Attitude Matter when Training my Puppy”.  Please check it out today.

Training your new puppy requires a confident and healthy attitude