Robin and I often receive calls from dog owners because of complaints of their dog incessantly barking when they are away from the house.  We are also often called from dog owners who are at their whit’s end because of their dog’s destructive behavior.  The problem that these dog owners have is that the methods they had been using to try and fix the problem seemed to only make the situation worse.

The mistake that these well-intentioned dog owners are making is that they were trying to simply address the action and not correct the underlying issue.  Barking and destruction when the owner almost always is a result of their dog’s separation anxiety.

The bad news is that separation anxiety is a dog training issue that takes a long time to correct.  The good news is that, through the help of a professional dog trainers such as Robin and myself, it is easy to correct.  It just takes time, patience, and a clear plan.  We can help you with all this.  Please read our dog training article on “Dealing with Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety” to understand what to do and how to have a great dog.  And remember, we are always here to help.

Correct Separation Anxiety with your dog