The one thing that Robin and I have discovered about dog training and walking your dog is that there are hundreds of reasons causing the walk not to be calm, happy, and enjoyable.  It seems strange because your goal is pretty simple.  All you want your dog to do is to walk next to you without causing a fuss.  So, why is that often so difficult or seemingly impossible?

The best way to understand why we often fail is to break the problem down into small, manageable pieces.  First, our dog is probably pulling on the leash.  He is also probably barking at everything around him.  Also, I am sure that he is not paying one bit of attention to anything you are asking (or probably yelling at) him to do.

So, let’s ask the question; “I wonder if I could get him to calmly pay attention to me?”  Do you think that would help in having a good walking experience?  I will answer the question for you; “Yes”.  In fact, this is always the “go to” answer in fixing behavior problems with your dog.

So, our subject today concerns bad behavior even at the start of the walk.  In order to get his focus on the walk, you will need to start your corrective measures even before it begins.  This allows you to start off with a “win”.  You will also be able to easily see problems as they start and effectively adjust your actions.

Robin and I have a great training article that reviews a process that we used with a prior client having this problem.  In just one exercise, we had the dog walking perfectly and the client was very happy.  Please check out our dog training article titled “Why Is My Dog So Crazy at the Start of the Walk?”

Walking Your Dog