Most of us (humans) have a strange aversion to using crates with our dogs.  We look at them as jail cells or equate them to a place for “time outs”.  The problem is that we are imparting our feelings and beliefs to a thing and not understanding how our dog would normally feel towards such a place.

Dogs, like us, need a place where they feel safe and secure.  When we were young, and often as long as we live, it is when we are holding our mommy’s hand.  No matter what happens, we know that things will be fine.  Mommy will always make sure that is the case.

Our dogs approach this feeling from a more canine perspective.  Although there is the concept of the “leader of the pack”, there is also a strong feeling of the den or cave.  Once they are in that place, everything, no matter what, will be fine.

The crate is the natural place to establish that safe feeling of the cave or den.  Establishing this feeling with your dog can be a very simple process.  All you need to do is to understand some simple social and behavioral steps to undertake and all will be well.  Please take a look of an article we have recently published on our blog.  The title is “How Do I Get My Dog to Like His Crate”.

Teach your puppy to love his crate