It never is any fun to anticipate a crazy dog jumping on you and barking like a nut the moment you come home from a long day at work oar with arms full of groceries.  Unfortunately, this is something that happens way too often with dog owners and their families.

This entire situation is very bad because our normal reaction is to immediately acknowledge our dog and stop whatever we were about to do.  Things eventually calm down and we go on with our home activities.  The problem is that we are never addressing the issue and it seems that our dog’s bad behaviors of wanting our attention just appear to grow and grow and grow.

Robin and I have a great dog obedience article that will do two things for you.  First, it will explain what is really happening and why you need to curtail the behavior as quickly as possible. Second, we will actually tell you how to fix it.  What could be better than that?  Please take the time to read our dog obedience article titled “How Do I Keep My Dog from Going Crazy When I Come Home”. You will be glad you did.

Make sure your dog respects you and is calm when you come home