It is always fun to have our dog in the back yard so that we can have some bonding time, enjoy the outdoors, and play some games.  The problem arises when he gets distracted, starts to go crazy, and won’t listen to any of our commands or directions.

The problem that we now face is how to calm our dog down and get him to behave.  If he is running, barking, jumping, and not listening; the answer becomes very elusive.  Standard things like clapping our hands or giving him the high-pitched dog whistle normally never break through his lack of focus and heightened adrenaline rush.  He is way too fast for us to try and run after him and catch him.

We need to fall back to the wisdom of Monty Python and use the methodology of “And now for something completely different”.  We need to get our dog’s attention and respect as we have often done in the past.  This is not different.

We will be using a technique that we normally don’t use for calmer times where we want him to sit by the table or stay out of the kitchen.  The technique we will now use must be totally different.

Robin and I have a great method that has worked for us 100% of the time in dealing with dogs that don’t want to listen or circumstances with heightened adrenaline and distraction.  Please take a look at our great dog training article titled “How Do I Control my Dog in the Back Yard”.  You will be able to transfer this technique to many scenarios where adrenaline and focus are at issue.

Some great tips to control your dog in the back yard