All dog owners have experienced the “fun moment” when their dog gets away from them and runs down the street barking at the neighbors and sniffing around all the trash cans.  They normally immediately react by running after their dog and yelling their name.  As we all know, this never goes well.

What these dog owners do not understand is that as they are trying to get their dog to come back to them, they are really telling their dog to keep going and to have a really good time.  This is all based on the dichotomy of “talking human” and “talking dog”.

Dogs easily communicate on a premise far simpler than ours.  Theirs is based on a duality of right and wrong, dominance and submission, etc.  Our is bases on, well, we’re nuts.

Robin and I would like to explain what is really going on when you are trying to get your dog back to you.  We also have a very simple way to get them back that we have used countless times in the past.  Please take a moment and read our dog training article titled “How Do I Catch My Dog When He Gets Out into the Neighborhood”.

Learn how to get your dog back after he escapes