We all have been on vacation road trips and we all have probably experienced family members who have been “less than perfect” during the ride.  These moments can often last a very long time.  They are normally caused by boredom, not getting their way, misunderstandings, or simply not wanting to go where you are going.

We understand that these things happen with our family members and we do our best to prepare for them by bribing (new Gameboys), misdirecting (“we are almost there”), forcing (“this is the only hotel that has Netflix”, and many other tactics.  We have taken great care to prepare for these situations with our “human passengers”.

What about our “canine passengers”?  They are the ones who may have never been on a long car ride. They may feel nervous about the sights, sounds, and movements of the car.  They have no idea what is going to be in that hotel room.  They may need to go potty but you are too focused on the interstate.

You need to prepare your dog for the “road trip experience” before the actual event.  You need to have all their gear ready to go and easily accessible. You need to make sure that every bit of the trip is “dog friendly.

This sounds like a very daunting task, but Robin and I can help.  We have a great dog training article that will help you prepare and successfully engage in your road trip with your dog.  Please take a look at our dog training article titled “What Are Some Traveling Tips for My Dog”.

Prepare your dog for the vacation road trip