We all love getting cute, little puppies.  They are full of energy and are always ready to play.  We often like to get them to chase us or we love to chase them. We to the “jump on me, jump on me” slap on our legs then they are so cute when the get up on their back legs and give us those “puppy eyes”.

This sounds great when you have a little puppy, but what happens if that puppy is going to grow up to be something really big?  How are you are going to tell them to forget about everything you were doing before?  How are they going to understand that it is not OK to jump on you because they are now big?

The answer is that they will not understand the difference and it will be very difficult to “untrain them” from the bad habits you have encouraged them to pursue. You must understand that the habits and activities you allow your puppy will do will extend into their adult life. Robin and I have a great dog training article that helps clarify all of this for you. Please read our dog training blog titled “What Should I Do to Have a Great Puppy”.

Training your new puppy requires a confident and healthy attitude