We all hate it when we are in our car and, all of a sudden, our dog just goes nuts barking at the person in the car next to us or the people in the cross walk in front of us.  Whatever we try to do, it normally doesn’t work.

We get “evil stares” from the people in the cars and the cross walk “like they think we are making our dogs be crazy and nuts”.  We thought we were doing the right thing by taking our dogs with us to bond and making sure they were secure and safe with us in the car.

Guess what? Our actions in trying to have a safe and happy car ride just didn’t work.  Robin and I have the answer and are ready to share the simple solution.  Please check out our article titled “Why Does My Dog Goes Nuts at People When We are Riding in the Car” and have a great car with your dog from today forward.

How can I make sure my dog will behave in the car?