Robin and I have seen this over and over again.  We have a client that loves dogs and has the best intentions on being the best dog owner in the world.  They get a dog and think that everything is going to be great.

Then, they “start to do the math” with their free time.  They have to go to work because their boss will fire them if they don’t.  They have responsibilities with their friends, family, and community that consume most of the remaining “I am not asleep” time from their lives.

Now they finally arrive home and are greeted by that furry, naked family member that only wants to give them love and happiness and only asks for the same in return.  Our client is tired and late and is now in a conundrum.

You might go outside for five minutes to throw the ball or have them sit with you while you watch the news.  You are probably still on your cell phone about work while you are tossing the ball and trying to eat dinner as you are watching TV.  Although your may be “with your dog”; you are not building up the quality bond that is critical in your lasting relationship with your dog.

What to do, what to do, what to do!  Robin and I can’t magically create a twenty-five-hour day for you, but we do have some great dog training and socialization tips that will help you balance the insanity of modern life and the needs of you and your dog.  Please take a moment out of your crazy day to check out our dog training article titled “How Can I Build a Bond with My Dog with Long Work Hours”.

Learn how to bond with your dog when you have a very busy schedule