Robin and I have experienced our clients having wonderful relationships with their dogs.  We help them create loving and lasting relationships and they “just smile” every time they are in the same room with their dog.

Many times our clients are so excited about the experience they have with their one dog, they want another.  Their rational is that if one dog is great, two or more dogs will be really great.  Although this can be the case, bringing multiple dogs into your household may not be a really good idea.

The dynamics, time commitments, and financial responsibilities of having multiple dogs is very different than only having one dog.  Robin and I have five dogs and we will be the first to tell you that it is an entirely different experience than having one dog.

We have a great article titled “Things to Consider When Bringing an Additional Dog to Your Family” that you really need to read if you are considering another dog.  We know you only have the best intentions, let’s make sure they will create the right results.

Understand the special issues and questions you need to address when considering a second dog