Whether it comes to teaching, communication is essential to success.  It doesn’t matter if your student is human or canine, if you can’t get your point across, you will never be able to teach.  Humans normally communicate through our mouths.  We use verbal communication, or language, to express a point to another person.

This works perfectly when the other person understands our language.  When they don’t, they will have no idea what we are trying to say.  The same is true with our dogs.  When we communicate with our dogs, we need to “talk dog” in order for them to understand what we are saying.

First of all, “talking dog” is not about making “dog sounds”.  Dogs communicate using a different method than we normally employ when talking to other humans.  Please read our dog training article on “How Dogs Communicate” and start talking to your dog today.  You will love the conversation!

Use body language when you want to talk to your dog. You will be amazed at the results