We love our dogs and understand that they need to bark.  A welcome bark, a play bark, or a quick warning bark are all natural and acceptable activities for our dog.  But we don’t want him to go nuts at every little noise outside, go nuts at the door when people come in, or constantly bug our guests in the house.

When these activities take place, we normally turn into a “Ralph Kramden” (google “The Honeymooners” TV Show) and start yelling, flailing our arms, and get red in the face.  We don’t understand why our dog doesn’t seem to pay attention and actually gets more adrenalated.

When our dog is nuts, getting nuts ourselves doesn’t do a bit of good.  So, why do we keep doing this over and over again thinking that it will finally work?  I will let you answer that question yourself.

The answer lies in getting your dog’s focus, communicating to them that you are the authority in the house, they are doing the wrong thing, and here is the right thing.  This seems to be a lot of things to do.

The secret is that it is really easy, far easier than going nuts and becoming Ralph Kramden. Please check out our dog training article titled “How Do I Keep My Dog from Going Nuts with Outside Sounds or People Coming to the Door.”

Some great tips to keep your dog calm