Robin and I just finished putting up a new fence in our back yard, so we could let our dogs run and play.  Even though we now have a fence that is fully secure, we understand that there are more precautions we must take to assure our dogs’ safety and well-being while in the back yard.

With big and small dogs, we need to take different precautions.  Because of our dogs’ different personalities, we need to take different precautions.  We need to make sure that they will remain healthy while in the back yard.  We need to responsibly manage them while they are back there.

Wow.  There is a lot of things to remember when you open the back door and let your dog run through!  Don’t worry.  We have prepared a great checklist that we share with all our clients titled “Is it OK to Leave My Dog in the Back Yard”.  We have tried to keep it short and to the point to make sure your dog remains safe and happy.

Keep your dog safe in the back yard through proper preparations and vigilant management