We have all been put in that situation where we come upon a dog that we think really wants to come at us and bite us.  Our natural instinct is to turn and run as fast as we can.  Maybe we can out run him or maybe he isn’t interested and won’t even come after us. The answer to these two possibilities is almost always “no”.

As humans, we perceive running away as a “retreat” that is often all the “other side” wants to accomplish.  There are human perceptions and not the mind set of that aggressive dog that looks like he as about to pounce on you.  We need to understand what is going through the dog’s head to figure a way not to be attacked.

The most important thing that we can do to try and not be bitten is to stay calm.  This can help to send a signal of assurance to the dog.  This is a strong neutral signal that tells the dog that you mean him no harm.  It also sends a signal of passive dominance that will have the dog think twice about any aggressive posture on his part.

Robin and I have a great article that details the specific things you can do to send the appropriate signals to the dog who looks like he wants to eat you.  Please check out our dog training article titled “How Can I Avoid a Dog Bite”.  I have followed the steps we have provided and have avoided multiple bad situations.

Don't bet bitten