The one thing that all of us want to feel is “safe”. It doesn’t matter if we are humans, lions, tigers, bears, fish, or little field mice. We need that sense of safety.  This is the glue that allows us to perform everything else we do. It doesn’t matter if we are big or small; weak or strong; old or young.

Once we feel safe, we are ready to move on to the next thing.  The first thing someone asks if there has been an accident is “Is everyone OK?”.

As the caregiver, friend, and leader of our dog, it is our duty to impart that sense of safety on our dog. He needs to know that our engagement with him will always keep him safe. Even if we are not in sight, he needs to understand that we would not have put him in a position not to feel safe.

Our ability to provide safety for our dog can come in many forms. It can be presented in the training we provide our dog and his understanding of our leadership.  It can be presented in the positions in which we place our dog.  The tools that we use with our dog in our passive or active interactions with him can also have a strong impact on his sense of safety and security.

One of the most important tests of our ability to provide our dog safety is when we are out in public with him. This is a time where we are not always in complete control of the situation. With that said, we still need to keep him safe.

Will an extension leash provide that needed safety?

Robin and I have a great dog training article that clearly defines the ability of the extension leash to keep our dog safe when we are out and about. Please read our dog training article titled “Are Extension Leashes Good to Walk My Dog”.

Never use extension leashes