Your Dog and the Elevator

Posted by Bruce Edwards on August 01, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

We “humans” already take most of the world around us for granted.  We have no problem in a car or a plane and understand that it is safe to walk in a crowd at the mall or a busy store.  For some reason, we forgot that we didn’t always feel that way.  We had to get used to everything around us.  This normally happened because our parents, and mostly our mother, took us places time and time again.  Every time we went to a place or did a new thing, she was always there to comfort us and direct us away, if needed.

When we move into high rise apartments or condos, we no longer simply walk into a door or go up a few stairs, we get in this crazy room that moves up and down.  Strange people and dogs can jam in there with us and it can be bumpy, stuff, loud, and crowded.  Our dog is often not ready for any of this and can become frightened and even aggressive.

Teath your dog to ride in an elivator

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