What to do When a Dog Charges You

Posted by Bruce Edwards on January 04, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

At least once in our lives we have had a dog charge us.  We might have been walking down the street minding our own business or entering a room of a friend’s house.  Out of the blue we see a dog that seems really agitated running towards us, showing his teeth, and barking wildly.

Our mind flashes “What should I do?”  Our normal inclination is to turn and run as fast as we can.  At this moment in time we are not thinking clearly because we have completely forgotten that we have never outrun a dog, even when we were small and on our bicycle.  Chances are, that dog has not made the decision to jump and bite us.  We need to help that dog understand that we are uninteresting and that their best option is to leave us alone.


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