What is your dog learning today?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on May 02, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

So many people tell us “I just don’t have time to train my dog!”  They then want to send them away to boarding school or just put up with their dog’s bad behavior.  What most dog owners don’t understand is that they are training their dogs every day.

Our dogs watch us 24/7.  They understand our routines and know where we have put everything.  They they then test us to see “what they can get away with” and how often they can get their way.  It is our response to these natural incursions by our dogs that establishes who is the leader and the human-canine dynamic.

So, we are teaching our dogs everyday through our natural actions with them.  Once we understand how we can adjust our natural actions to achieve the results that WE want, we are on the path to having a great dog.

What are you teaching your dog today

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