What makes Life’s Abundance Different?
To begin with, Life’s Abundance is manufactured in America with only quality sourced ingredients.  Your pet food is cooked in small batches, stored in climate controlled warehouses, and immediately shipped directly to you. There are so many other reasons why this is great food on so many levels.  Watch the video to learn the full story!

Life's Abundance healthy nutritious grain free dog food and cat food and puppy food


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Pioneers in Healthy Pet Food Industry
pet health best dog food

Life’s Abundance was a pioneer in delivering healthy pet products to the public back in 1999.  Where many companies are only now changing their pet foods or saying they are “healthy food”, we have been delivering for over 16 years! Click to watch video.



Nutrition: What’s In Your Pet’s Food Bowl?
nutrition with life's abundance in Jupiter floridaIf you look at the ingredients on your pet’s food bag, you might find corn, wheat, glutens, artificial colors, and other less than healthy ingredients.  At Life’s Abundance, we use only healthy ingredients such as chicken, turkey, eggs, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and much more.  Click to watch video.



Customer Service:  Life’s Abundance is the Best in the Industry!
Dr. Jane Bicks nutritionist and veterinarian for healthy dog food
Personal attention to each and every customer has been a hallmark of Life’s Abundance since our inception. You have direct access to our dedicated customer representatives as well as our Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks, the formulator of our products.  Click to watch video.



Convenience:  Delivered Fast and Fresh to Your Front Door!
healthy dog food convenient fast home deliveryYour Life’s Abundance Pet Food is delivered fast and fresh to your front door.  Our food is made in small batches and stored in specially designed warehouses.  The food you order is normally 4 to 6 weeks old and is shipped directly to you, normally in about 2 days.  The food you buy in the supermarket or pet store can be over 1 year old!  Click to watch our video.



Safety:  We Are Committed To Your Pet’s Health & Nutrition!
dog food safe healthy no dog food recallAt Life’s Abundance, we have never had a pet food recall.  We are committed to our products’ safety through the employment of overlapping quality control measures.  Because we ship directly to you, if a problem arises, you will receive an email and/or phone call directly from us as soon as the problem is discovered.  Click to watch our video.





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